Mónica Ubiría started her art studies in Spain, 1983.

After 3 years of practice and preparation, she continued her studies in Argentina with more attention to art analysis, systems of composition, visual sharpening and drawing under the supervision of renowned art teachers of the School of Beaux Arts.

After a first encounter with hyper realism, she is nowadays devoted to a fresh style of magic naturalism.

Between the vast national and international halls or (galleries) in which they were shown, you will find the foremention paintings as well as some of the distinguished comments and prizes they were awarded:




Second Prize - Arte-Argentino.Org

Second Prize . Universidad de Belgrano – Premio a la Creación Artística


First Honorable Mention – Art Road Exposición y Feria Internacional de Arte


Third Prize Sociedad Estímulo de Bellas Artes de Ramos Mejía

Second Honorable Mention Salon Multi-disciplinary 2010


Second Prize: Gallery Primavera Pinamar 2009 - Braque Art Gallery

First Grand Award – Atelier Pérez Belfer


First Honorable Mention - Universidad Católica de La Plata- Beato Angélico Art Museum

National Award in Figurative Painting “José Antonio Terry”